IV Sedation for Pediatric Dental Care

Intravenous sedation or IV sedation is a safe and effective way to manage pain and anxiety during dental procedures. Administered by a licensed anesthesiologist, this type of sedation allows your child to relax deeply and be free of discomfort throughout their dental treatment with Dr. Dragan. The anesthesiologist will closely monitor your child and their vitals during every step of treatment. With IV sedation, your child is in a deep state of relaxation and may not remember the procedure after. This may be ideal for children with extreme anxiety or fear. 

At Plunk & Dragan Smiles, we believe that childhood experiences help set the stage for a lifetime of good oral health and a positive outlook toward going to the dentist! With years of expertise in many types of pediatric dental care, Dr. Dragan whole-heartedly rejects the "one-size-fits-all" approach to sedation dentistry. However, when children have profound dental anxiety or complex treatment needs, they may need a level of sedation to accomplish comfortable and successful dental treatment.