Tongue Ties and Lip Ties

A frenectomy may be required if your child has tongue tie (ankyloglossia) or upper lip tie. This procedure involves snipping the band of tissue that restricts your child’s oral range of motion, restoring the proper function of their lips or tongue.

This technique has become a popular topic to discuss on social media and we feel that it is important to note that not every child needs their tongue or lip “clipped” just because they have thick tissue present under their tongue or top lip. Though Dr. Dragan does perform and offer this procedure, she takes a conservative approach to classify the type of tongue or lip attachment, and reviews any feeding or speech concerns before offering this service.

We, of course, only want to diagnose and treat the patients that actually need this procedure and do not take the recommendation of surgery to any infant or child lightly. If you have been told your child needs this procedure, please call us for an evaluation.